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Hello, Friends to the article we are providing a beautiful valentine day image, valentine day status Video for every couple. download this image and share your love ones.

In the 5th century from this valentine, Day is celebrating till date. It is the

most vital romantic day of love.
It is a very old tradition and it comes from a Roman festival.
The Roman there had a festival that “Lupercalia”
They have celebrated it in the middle of February are called valentine day.
It mentioned in the catholic calendar of Saints.

This day is celebrating traditionally with red hearts, candy, romance, flowers, and gifts, etc..and the exchange of cards called a valentine.

In valentine’s day, we can say Happy Valentine Day to anyone, because of the words it is like celebrating things and it has the right of anyone to enjoy it.

It has a symbolical bird and that is the loving bird “parrot”.
It presents the belief of Valentine. In valentine’s day, so many people are showing their love, affection, feelings, and friendship.

On this day so many countries are celebrating it just like India, America, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc…

Generally, we are saying it is a love day and those people who are in love are celebrating it, but it definitely wrong, because it is a beautiful day and every person can celebrate it with their friends and family members.

If you want to present any gifts to your loveable person in valentine’s day that could be candy, soft toys, chocolate, handbags, flowers, and red heart.

Valentine Day is not a public holiday, but all organizations and officials, schools are open as usual. But in the day all couples and lovers are trying to reminding of their stories and laugh…. With their partner.

Valentine Day is the last day of Valentine’s week. From starting 7th February to 14 February, this day is the most popular and powerful day of the valentine week. All are waiting for the special day that is arrived.

So I hope all are inclusive happy and healthy. With the valentine week.

Valentine means v is for you are my love.
A is for I am always yours.
L is for Love is most extreme.
E is for Love is lasting.
N is for Love will never end.
T is for always together forever.
I is for Love is intelligent and innocent.
N is for naughty ways for love.
E is for Love is elastic it never ends.

So don’t late to share with your lovable person who will be loving forever. I wish you a happy valentine’s day.

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