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Hello friends, in this post we are providing beautiful Holi Happy Holi Image is the Grate festival of colors. All over the country. Peoples are celebrating Holi, it is an ancient festival on the fever of the lord Radha  Krishana. here we are presented some of the beautiful holi photos, Holi gif according to the festival so let’s celebrate Holi.

If we come into the mythology stage, there was kingdom of hiranyakachhap and his son Prahlada create the atmosphere of lord “Bisnu” that was not acceptable of hiranyakachhap so he was very much regretted and his thought was I am the God! Prahalada refuses it and prayed nearby God, and said God is everywhere, so finally hiranyakachhap killed by God, from this day all are celebrating Holi.

At this festival you will be wished to all the persons also family members, friends, seniors, etc…  all are gathered this day for celebrating this festival and broken into the color bowl and enjoy.

This image all most all saying play the Holi with carefully and cover the eyes, nose, mouth, ear like this. Always use the color powder, not be used chemical color hence it will damage our skin with infection and eye irritation.

It is the Hindu festival, so all the persons are celebrating with lord Radha Krishna and visit that the place which has space for the Holi enjoyment.

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It’s rigid of the celebration that the colorful day. Very many people are randomly played it, in such cases be careful and given priority to the child which is the future of the world.

Every year comes this festival on the full moon in the Hindu calendar in the Phalunga, it can happen in the time of February and March.

It is celebrating two days like Holika Dahan and Holi. Holika Dahan means peoples are celebrating, once sunset comes out then celebrate with fire burn in the night. Then morning celebrating with dance and remain that the moment of Lord Vishnu, Prahalada, and Hisoka.

Let us celebrate the Holi.
Share these images to all “HAPPY HOLI” Thank you.

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